Trapani viticulture is among the oldest of Sicily, as evidenced by the wine vessels dating from the VII - VI century BC found in Mozia. It is said that the Greeks were to introduce this valuable crop to the Romans, but recent studies have shown that the screw, in fact, was probably known to the Sicani, the native population of Sicily, about five years ago.

It was with the landing of the first Cretans, in the fifteenth century, and then the Phoenicians who settled in the island since the twelfth century it was known the screw in the domestic variety. The Greeks certainly goes the merit of having imported new methods of cultivation and production managing to get full-bodied wine, full of flavor and high alcohol content, exported all over the ancient world. The Marsala wine which is a direct descendant.

It must be an intuition of an Englishman John Woodhouse, birth in Marsala, in 1773, the sweet wine of the same name of the city, who first in Sicily, in 1969, has been awarded the designation of origin (DOC).

The success of the Woodhouse called Marsala many other British entrepreneurs: Corlett, Wood, Payne, Hoppes.

Among these, a special mention deserves Benjamin Ingham who, since 1812, with his nephew Joseph Whitaker, very invested in the modernization of production techniques and the expansion of exports outside Europe.

Thanks to him, in fact, the Marsala arrived in Brazil, North America and beyond, to the Far East and Australia. What until then had been a small agricultural area was transformed, in a short time, in an industrial center.

In 1832, between the establishment of Woodhouse and Ingham he rejoined that of the first Italian entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio.

The Florio, rich family of industrialists and owners, not only led the Marsala in all parts of the world on board the 99 ships of the Company Florio, but regalarono the city a new face and a footprint of enlightened bourgeoisie. Since then the wineries in Marsala have multiplied.

In 1900 there were about 40. Many of them are still in business and other remaining traces in buildings and beams scattered around the city.

The recent history of Marsala wine is also our history. In its 60 years of activity the COMPANY FICI has gained much experience and today is a leader in production and marketing of liqueur wines, vermouth and aperitifs. A wide range of products - with marsala wine in the foreground - to which are added now also table wines, red and white, for a choice of wines that projects the Company to other prestigious goals. In Baglio Fici, recently renovated, it turns out the Sicily with its small and large secrets.

Here it captures the charm of traditions and live intensely the relationship between past and present

to enjoy the colors and flavors of a land which is reflected in the Mediterranean.